“The Scariest (& Best) Thing I Ever Did as an Indie Author” Meg Bliss, Author, TO LENNON WITH LOVE

“Samantha Stroh Bailey came highly recommended to me by another author. I had high hopes of working with Samantha and she surpassed my expectations! She took my manuscript and transformed it from a rough draft into a shining gem. She was critical but kind. She offered words of encouragement but wasn’t afraid to point out what didn’t work for the story. Her insights were spot on, and her ideas to improve the novel and characters were brilliant. Samantha was also a true pleasure to work with. She openly communicated with me every step of the way. She was extremely reliable and stuck to the timeline she quoted. And she has a wonderful personality and made the editing process fun.” Hilary Grossman, Author

“It was an incredible pleasure working with Samantha on my mom’s book. Samantha was not only dedicated and committed to editing the book in a timely fashion but she also added so much richness to the book which went way beyond editing grammar and punctuation. As a result, the finished product is now publishable.  I also very much enjoyed my communication with Samantha back and forth as she was editing the book. She is such a delightful person! This has been such a pleasant experience overall. Thank you so much, Samantha, for everything! I’m very excited about my mom’s book reaching the next stage in this journey.” Dr. Donna Ferguson, Psychologist

“Samantha was very approachable, professional and efficient. She helped clarify my ideas, improve my writing ability, and understand the comments my committee was providing. She worked tirelessly through numerous dissertation revisions and worked in tandem to output the best piece I have to date. I will be using Samantha for future work and highly recommend her to my colleagues who are seeking editorial aid.” Christina D., PhD graduate

“I contacted Sam to help me with editing my Personal Statement for a Graduate school professional program. I was happy to have her edit my statement because she provided me with a free sample edit which enabled me to see the quality of her work prior to committing to her services. We had lots of back and forth communication throughout the editing process and she often replied to my e-mails within minutes and was always super friendly. It was clear that she is very passionate about what she does, and she is able to put forth a high quality of writing even when given a short time frame. After my second time applying to a grad school professional program, I was accepted! While I worked very hard to get accepted, I think the finishing touches that Sam put on my personal statement really made it stand out!” Michelle L., Graduate Student

Book Review:  Samantha Stroh Bailey, author of Finding Lucas, is an absolute MASTER at staying on-point.

If this, her début novel, was a high performance vehicle and she was the driver, you’d find them on a professional course winding their way along a scenic path where story is developed at every turn, during the drive, while never having to pull off onto an observation deck for more than one or two tightly written paragraphs. As a writer, I know how hard it is to make decisions during the editing process, to cut large passages of writing from a book because it doesn’t fit and probably doesn’t belong in the story. It hurts. A lot. After all, you spent time developing that writing, hours upon hours, and to see it go feels like someone just lobbed your arm off and tossed it into the rubbish pile.

The novel spans 365 pages and I’m telling you, as someone who just read it with a critical eye (not “negative” critical, but “book review” critical) she did not stray ONCE from the main storyline. Smaller story arcs took place within the context of the larger story arc and always spoke to either: (1) the central theme of the book; (2) the actions of the main character; or (3) changes in worldview the main character was processing. A stray word never wandered into the narrative looking to be fed.

As a writer, if you find yourself about to edit, and don’t know what to cut, read this book for inspiration, playing careful attention to how tightly written it is. I finished the book appreciating the hard choices this writer made during the editing process. Read more http://www.julievalerie.com/2013/01/20/finding-lucas-by-samantha-stroh-bailey/

Julie Valerie, Chick Lit Chit Chat

“It was truly a pleasure and wonderful experience working with Samantha on my website. Her creative ability was demonstrated as she took my vision for the site and melded it with her vision for the end product. I’m very excited about posting the material on my site for clients to experience.” Candice Staniek, Birth Doula, http://mindfulnessbirths.com/index.html

“Working with Samantha Bailey was a dream come true. She took my draft and turned it into a work of art. She fleshed out my ideas and perfected the wording in a timely fashion and for a reasonable price. She communicated with me throughout the whole process and provided regular updates on progress. I can’t wait to work with her on my next project. I may never write alone again!” Joan, graduate student, Toronto

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